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Michael Worrall
Leadership Coach  


Michael’s work is focused on the development of leaders, the connection between this, the health of their organisation and the organisation’s capacity to perform.


He works with:

  • leaders of organisations who appreciate the importance of the foregoing and the need to develop their competence to lead and achieve effective and sustainable results. 
  • leaders and their executive team who wish to diagnose how effective they are, or are not, to achieve the purpose and vision they have decided to embark on. Once a shared diagnosis/understanding has been agreed Michael and his team work with the leadership to improve the capacity of the organisation to achieve their chosen targets – and create added value from their shared diagnosis/understanding.

As detailed in the testimonials below, Michael has worked with a wide variety of leaders from many different industries/sectors.

His work is built on 40 years’ experience of business, finance, coaching, mentoring, facilitation and relationships. During his 17 years with Jardine Matheson, in several leadership and management positions, he lived and worked in cultures as diverse as Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, Italy, France and the UK. Following this he was a Director of Korn/Ferry International Ltd, the leading executive search firm, for three years before becoming a Leadership Coach in 1993.


Leaders and Transitions Ltd
180 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9HF
Tel: 07802 647007     
Email: michael@leadersandtransitions.com

Client testimonials

Robert Noel – Chief Executive of Land Securities Group plc 
"To succeed in sport you require a coach. This is because the landscape is so competitive that you need someone to help you find that little bit extra that you know is in there but you can't quite get at yourself. Why should business be any different?

In transitioning into the leadership of a business with a culture I wanted to change in order for the business to become admired, my default style was not going to be conducive to carrying the majority of the cast without a lot of pain. My sessions with Michael have enabled me to step back from "my own self" and look at how I might alter my style in order to achieve the things I want to achieve more efficiently. I am far more aware of the impact of my default behaviours on others and I have started the process of countering those default behaviours in order to get more out of others. I have also found our sessions have enabled me to be more efficient in my thought processes. These things have, in turn, enabled me to be a more effective leader and this is adding value to the business.”

Toby Marchant – formerly Managing Director of Robert Horne Paper Merchants 
“I was moving into a much bigger leadership role and knew the transition would be challenging. My career had been characterised by a series of unexpected promotions that I was therefore ill prepared for and in which I had to rely more on gut feel than a planned approach when it came to leadership. The value I obtained from working with Michael was greater self awareness, specific strategies for creating successful outcomes and understanding how my behaviours and style affect my team and the business.”

Alex Beard – Chief Executive of The Royal Opera House  
“The value I obtained from working with Michael was greater clarity about my strengths and my weaknesses as well as enabling me to prioritise my time more effectively. All of the foregoing helped me in securing my appointment as Chief Executive of the Royal Opera House.” 

Robin Bowie – Founder of Dexion Capital: Alternatives Investment Bank   
“The most valuable part of my coaching was to have set the objectives of the game but not the course as in any entrepreneurial business the course changes. Michael guided me through the evolution of my inter-personal skills and a recognition of my weaknesses in a working and home environment that became increasingly demanding and complex with every move up the ladder of perceived success. Maintaining my objectives whilst continually evaluating myself against these objectives has enabled me to complete the game with a thriving business, a stable marriage and happy children together with a handful of friends.”

Rose Colledge – Chief Executive of Work Group plc    
“I had been with the business in a client facing role for 10 years and fortunately had a Chairman who knew about the challenges of transitioning into a leadership role and he suggested that I would benefit from working with Michael. I was unsure of how this might work at first but soon felt the benefit of having an independent mind to share things with together with the opportunity to step back and reflect on my activities. I became more conscious of my behaviours and how to channel them to better effect as well as understanding the behaviours of my team and learning how to influence them.”

Robert Miller – Managing Director of Phynova Group Ltd   
"Being coached by Michael has helped me to achieve a greater sense of perspective and self-awareness in both my professional and personal lives. In my experience as an entrepreneur, one spends a great deal of one’s time with sleeves rolled up on the 'shop floor' sorting out myriad problems, mostly time poor and rarely able to step back from the day-to-day operations. Coaching sessions with Michael have been something of an oasis in my monthly schedule that allows me to hit the pause button and look at the business from a more detached view, which gives me perspective on my own performance and how to improve it. I have found my coaching sessions a valuable tool that has had a positive effect on both my business and myself and I highly recommend them." 

Robert MacGregor – Chairman of Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP  
“When I took on my role as Chairman it quickly became evident to me that the challenges were very different to running a department or handling transactions for clients. Fortunately, I was recommended to Michael. We all want to succeed in what we do but sometimes that same intensity which works so well in a client environment can act as an impediment internally. Michael has enabled me to understand myself better and to flex my style. As a result I have found that less really can be more. I have had my mind opened to a whole new set of learning and this has improved my performance and increased my enjoyment of my role.”

Marcus Davey – Chief Executive of The Roundhouse 
“When I first started at the Roundhouse I realised I needed to think and work differently. My coaching enabled me to find a new path, which was half laid out in front of me and half I had to discover for myself. This meant I was able to take responsibility for my own development in the context of my day to day work, but with the challenge and encouragement of Michael. I really feel that this means that Michael falls in to the category of the very best kind of teacher/coach/mentor, in the fact that he wasn’t trying to get me to be like him but for me to fulfil my own potential. At the end of my coaching I felt far more confident, I had a whole range of skills to fall back upon and I had a greater balance to my life. Michael’s coaching is definitely about work matters but much more about who you are and why you do what you do.”

James Cameron – Co-Founder & Chairman of Climate Change Capital Ltd 
“Michael listens. When he talks he is with you, finding what you want to say about what you want do or stop doing. He brings experience, kindness and empathy. He draws you out, facilitates honesty and holds you to promises made to yourself which he witnesses. There is work to be done and in doing what he suggests choices become clearer, decisions get made and balance moves a step closer.”

Omar Kodmani – Chief Executive of Permal Group
“The sessions were invaluable, covering many facets of my leadership challenge. I was transitioning to a leadership role and the post 2008 environment for our sector was exceedingly challenging. My perception about the value of coaching changed dramatically. It was about personal development, organisational behaviour, team dynamics and how to detach from it all in order to have a broader, wiser perspective. The sessions were content-rich but also very interactive, enabling me to understand my strengths and apply them in real time. I also appreciated the accurate, timely and comprehensive summaries of the outputs from our dialogues and lessons learned. Even the most well rounded and accomplished executives can benefit from the self-discovery and self-improvement that good executive coaching can bring. It is an investment that pays you back in ways you cannot predict upfront but it does pay you back, provided one has the right coach.”

Tim Carroll – formerly Chief Executive of Swiss Re GB    
“After my first year in my new leadership role I realised that I was not as effective as I wanted to be. I was struggling to prioritise my time and to delegate tasks I did not need to do myself. Through working with Michael I was able to address these issues and develop a more structured approach to prioritisation and problem solving. The value I obtained was a clearer understanding of how I interact with and am perceived by others, how to influence behaviours and, ultimately, how to enable better teamwork.”

Toby Eccles – Founder & Development Director of Social Finance Ltd     
“As our organisation grew my role as founder had to develop with it, and I needed to adapt accordingly. The value I obtained from working with Michael was learning to slow down, think and reflect more, focus on relationships and manage the individual rather than the task. In addition I came to understand myself better which helped me style flex more effectively.”